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The Bachelor of Social Work programme is a pioneer programme in Malaysia and is constructed as a generic program. This four-year programme is introduced to fulfil the needs of the nation to train more professional social workers who are capable of providing social services in all types of welfare services as well as social development in Malaysia. The programme equipped students with essential body of knowledge, philosophy and skills for responsible practice in the profession of social work. It also enable students to experience direct practice in social work agencies through a series of practicum training to meet the primary focus of a practice-based profession. Social work graduates are expected to put into practice the knowledge, methods, values, ethics, and skills they learned in the classrooms into practice towards becoming a more competent and professional social workers.

Candidates are required to accumulate 122 units for graduation. List of courses offered are as follows:

Social Science Courses (16 Units)
- SKW110/3 : Introduction to Anthropology and Sociology
- SKW105/3 : Introduction to Political Science
- STU231/4: Basics Psychology
- SKW321/3: Philosophy of Social Research
- SKW123/3: Statistics for Social Science

University Courses (15 Units)
- LKM400/2: Bahasa Malaysia IV
- LSP300/2: Academic English
- LSP401/2: General English
- HTU223/2: Islamic and Asian Civilizations
- SHE101/2: Ethnic Relations
- WUS101/2: Basic Entrepreneurship
- Co Curricular / Option Courses: 3 Units

Core Courses (70 Units)
- SSW110/3 Introduction to Social Work
- SSW111/3 Social work Philosophy, Values and Ethics
- SSW112/4 Social Work Skills (Laboratory)
- SSW113/3 Human Behavior and Social Environment
- SSW200/4 Casework with Individual and Families
- SSW211/3 Theories in Social Work Practice
- SSW221/4 Group Work Methods
- SSW223/3 Laws for Social Workers
- SSW224/6 Practicum I
- SSW310/3 Social Work Practice in School
- SSW312/4 Community Work Methods
- SSW313/6 Practicum II
- SSW322E/3 Social Planning and Social Policy
- SSW352/4 Social Work Research
- SSW410/4 International and Cross Cultural Social Work
- SSW411E/3 Human Services Organizations
- SSW412/6 Practicum III
- SSW413E/4 Social Work Seminar

Elective Courses (21 Units) *Choose 7 Courses
- SSE373/3 Medical Social Work
- SSE374/3 Social Work with Children, Adolescents and Families,
- SSE375/3 Community Organization and Development
- SSE384/3 Spirituality and Social Work
- SSE394/3 Human Sexuality and Social Work
- SSE395/3 Social Work with Marginalized Community
- SSE461/3 Community Health
- SSE463/3 Family Therapy
- SSE464/3 Social Work Practice with the Elderly
- STU244/4 Abnormal Psychology
- SAU324/3 Religion and Social Relation
- SAU325/3 Ethnic Relations and Racism

Interested students, please visit for admission requirements. The medium of instruction for our Bachelor of Social Work program is Bahasa Malaysia although there are courses that are offered in English.

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