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Parthiban S.Gopal


PARTHIBAN S GOPAL, Ph.D, is a senior lecturer at the School of Sciences, University Sains Malaysia. His current program of research focuses on formulating poverty measurement, i.e., Multidimensional Poverty Index. He joined the university after completing his PhD at the University Sains Malaysia in 2013.He has been lecturing for many years and has been in the academia world for more than 20 years in various academic institution. Before joining University Sains Malaysia in 2013, he was also working as a Research Analyst in Socio-economic and Environmental Researcher Institute, Penang (SERI; currently known as Penang Institute). Currently, he is an active academician and researcher, supervising a numbers of Masters and PhD candidates on diverse issues pertaining poverty. He has published a good numbers of journal papers during the course of his career  

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