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Premalatha Karupiah  
Assoc. Professor, Dr.

M.P.A. , Ph.D. (USM), B.Sc. (UTM)

I often call myself a sociologist. However, my training focused more on methodology in sociology. I use both quantitative and qualitative research methodology in my studies and teach research methodology to undergraduate and graduate students. I also conduct various training on data collection and data analysis for graduate students. Other than this, I teach statistics and sociology of work for undergraduate students.

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 Gopal, P.S. and Karupiah, P. (2013). Indian diaspora and urban poverty: a Malaysian perspective. Diaspora Studies, 6: 103-122.

Karupiah, P. (2012). Modification of the body: a comparative analysis of views of youths in Penang, Malaysia and Seoul, South Korea. Journal of Youth Studies, 16: 1-16

Prasad, N.V., Baboo, S. B. and Karupiah. P. (2012). ‘Literasi Telivisyen dan Pembentukan Identiti Budaya dalam Kalangan Remaja India di Malaysia: Penghasilan Makna dalam Drama Bersiri "Chitti" (The Construction of Cultural Identity: Malaysian Indian Youth Reading the Indian Tamil Television Serial, Chitthi). In. J. A. Wahab (ed.), Media, Komunikasi dan Wacana Globalisasi di Malaysia (Media, Commnunication and Globalization in Malaysia).

Karupiah, P. 2011. Learning Statistics: Experiences of Senior Citizen Students in the Social Sciences at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia. Bulletin of Higher Education Research, 17 (June 2011). 13-14.

Karupiah, P., Mohd. Hashim, I. and Mohd-Zaharim, N. (2011). ‘Understanding and Expectation of APEX: A Pilot Study’, in Ooi, K.G. (ed). In Pursuit of Excellence and Sustainability: Universiti Sains Malaysia and the Accelerated Programme for Excellence (APEX) Journey, Volume I: The Road Ahead. Penang: Universiti Sains Malaysia Press.

Abdul Rahim, A., Husin, A., Teh, B. C.G., Chan, L. H. Ahmad Fizri, F.F., Abdullah, J. L. P., Karupiah, P. (2011).‘Contribution to Social, Cultural and Environmental Development’, in M. Sirat, A. A. Ghani and C. Tan (eds), Universities, Communities and Region: the Case of Penang City-Region, Malaysia. Penang: National Higher Education Institute: pp 121-144

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Karupiah, P. 2008. Parental expectation and students' educational preferences: implication for research and policy’, in M. Shuib, S. Kaur and R. Jamaludin (eds), Governance and Leadership in Higher Education. Penang: Universiti Sains Malaysia Press

Karupiah, P. 2006. Students' educational preferences and occupational aspirations: a study in a multi-ethnic society. in: E.G. Collste (ed). Religious and Ethnic Pluralism in Malaysia, Linkoping: Linkoping University Electronic Press, 70-80.

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 Research Methods


Sociology of Work

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My current research interest is the area of beauty culture. I explore how beauty is socially constructed in various cultures and analyze how beauty ideals are transmitted via various cultural products. Some of my thoughts on culture and cultural elements are discussed in my blog, What's this beast, culture? Other than this, I am interested in studies related to the Indian Diaspora, educational/occupational choice and online information.

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